Haven House
Haven House is situated in a residential area within half a mile of Haslemere town centre.

Haven House


Haven House is situated in a residential area within half a mile of Haslemere town centre. Haslemere lies within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and much of the woodland and heathland surrounding the town is owned by the National Trust.

Haslemere offers shops, restaurants and cafés. The towns of Guildford and Farnham are nearby for the full shopping experience.


Haven House is a purpose built home and was opened in 2000. The home offers its services to adults who have a moderate to severe learning disability and additional physical disabilities.

The house has level access for wheelchair users and has a lift to make access available to the lower floor. There are eight bedrooms, four of which are on the ground floor and suitable for people with an additional physical disability. There are two bathrooms, one fitted with specialist equipment suitable for use by those with multiple disabilities.

Communal facilities include a large lounge, a dining room, a small lounge together with a kitchen and separate utility room.

There is access through external doors to a patio and on the lower level to the garden and further patio area. The office is also situated on the ground floor close to the front door.

Quality Assurance

Haven House operates a comprehensive system of monitoring and assessment for the operation of its services. The Senior Manager is assigned specifically to ensure that the residential and care services consistently meet the high standards set out in our Policies & Procedures and working instructions.


Haven House is registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Reports of our latest inspections can be obtained from their website www.cqc.org.uk.


Our commitment to provide a high level of care at Haven House is reflected in our staffing ratios and calibre of staff. All staff are carefully selected through our recruitment and selection procedure and prior to appointment are subjected to a criminal record check, an occupational health check, and a requirement of two sound references.

The staff team have a suitable range of experience to provide the services needed by the residents in the house. This is achieved through careful selection, induction and also the provision of all the basic statutory training, NVQ and day courses aimed at developing their individual skills and knowledge in ways relevant to enabling them to provide the best possible service.

There are staff on duty at all times during the day and at night there is a sleep-in staff member and a waking night staff member

Where specialist skills are necessary we work with the community learning disability team to engage the full range of services available in the community e.g. psychiatric, general practitioners, community nursing, speech therapy, physiotherapy, chiropody, dentistry, opticians etc. Where appropriate these external professionals prepare guidelines for the staff to follow to achieve the best projected outcomes for any particular resident.


We provide a safe environment which is capable of helping individuals with a learning disability participate in a broad range of activities where carefully monitored reasonable risk taking is seen as part of everyday living experiences.

Activities may include day centre services, engaging in other meaningful activities in the community or home based activities e.g. shopping, domestic and social skills, clubs and drop-in centres, art and drama. A selection of equipment is provided within the home and is available at resident’s choice.

Where residents have any known practice of religious observance the staff will support them in continuing this practice, provided it can be achieved within the locality of the home.

The staff at Haven House support links with families and friends of residents, by encouraging their invitation for visits and for meals. On occasions staff will assist with the home’s transport supporting residents to visit friends and family and staying if possible as may be requested to support the resident during the visit.


Haven house staff provide an “excellent” standard of support.
CLTPD professional
Service users health needs are continually assessed and staff report health concerns to the appropriate health professional.
CLTPD professional
Staff are polite, helpful, enthusiastic and caring.
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